Your home is a significant investment – probably the biggest in your life – and you must do everything you can to ensure that it remains in tip-top condition.

Sometimes you may decide to undertake a remodel project to improve your house’s overall quality and increase its resale value.

Other times, though, an unexpected disaster such as a fire, water emergency, or severe weather event may result in serious damage and the need for restoration or reconstruction services.

When something serious occurs and damages your house, most people cannot (and do not want to) walk away from the investment. Rather, homeowners will contact a general contractor to find a fair price for high-quality workmanship for their home repairs.

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From a shifting foundation to a fire-damaged garage door to a mold-infested guest bedroom and everything in between, it is essential that the reconstruction company you hire does a fantastic job and provides you with 100% customer satisfaction to ensure your home gets back to pristine condition.

At Three Rivers Builders, we offer exceptional home improvement and home reconstruction services (and a free estimate) for homeowners in Millersville, MD.

When you enlist the assistance of our reconstruction team, you can rest assured that we will do an excellent job and are committed to providing professional and quality work.

We understand that a severe accident or unexpected disaster can be an overwhelming challenge to overcome for the average homeowner, and we take our job very seriously. We work hard so that you get the needed peace of mind.

When Is Residential Reconstruction Necessary?

Residential reconstruction is often necessary when a serious disaster or unexpected event severely damages the home. Water damage, smoke and soot damage, and mold infestations can cause even more damage than a homeowner may expect.


Even when the owner can clean up the damage to your house, it is always wise to contact a general contractor to help determine if there are hidden areas of damage.

Professionals in the industry, such as those who work for our great company at Three Rivers Builders, will be able to assess the cleanup and any remaining issues.

If a reconstruction home project is necessary, our construction team will provide you with the awesome work you need in any room needed.

Three Misconceptions about Home Remodeling Projects and Reconstruction

There are many misconceptions about home reconstruction projects that need to be addressed so that homeowners know what they will be getting into when hiring a reconstruction team.

Homeowners likely have certain search criteria for finding the right reconstruction company, so it’s important that the business you hire addresses any concerns, especially when those questions come from these misconceptions.

Below are the three of the most common misconceptions that we at Three Rivers Builders often address for our customers:

Reconstruction Home Improvement Services Can Be DIY

Many people feel that doing a home improvement project as a DIY project will be a great idea because it can save money.

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Unfortunately, that money savings may not last when a homeowner inadvertently makes a major mistake or does not have the experience or tools to look for hidden damage such as mold behind the walls or growing in the insulation.

Not realizing that this through your DIY project could be an issue may cost you even more money and time.

To ensure that everything is checked and secured in the house, hiring an experienced team with expertise in reconstruction is best.

Be sure to compare quotes (do not just take the lowest bid) and check their experience level to ensure that you and your family feel safe and secure in your home.

If You Do Not See Mold, It Is Not There

Mold is one of the trickiest issues that can affect your home. Even after a cleanup project is completed, mold may still be hiding in hard-to-reach or other home areas that you may not think to check.

It is important to remember that just because you do not see visible mold, that does not mean there is no mold hiding. Part of the reconstruction process for a professional business is to inspect for any signs of mold and ensure that the home’s owner is safe.

Only Replacing Things Will Get You Back to Pre-Loss Condition

Although some things may not be repairable due to how they were affected by the severe incident at your home, many procedures can be used to repair and restore various parts of your home.

At Three Rivers Builders, our contractors are trained in the best restoration and repair techniques that we can use to get your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Contact a General Contractor for Great Customer Service in Millersville, MD

If your home has been affected by a severe weather incident, fire, water damage, or any other serious event, contact Three Rivers Builders.

Our contractors are happy to walk you through the process for your reconstruction project, provide you with a free quote for the project, and ensure that the task gets done effectively and efficiently.

Three Rivers Builders prides itself on the highest quality and most efficient workmanship and affordable services. Our team is here to handle any size reconstruction or remodel, from installing a new roof to restoring a water-damaged bathroom and everything in between.

Three Rivers Builders is the best name to call when you need a team that offers the Millersville, MD, community and the surrounding areas for reconstruction, restoration, or new build services.

Our family-owned and operated business are happy to help you with your insurance claim for your property to help you reduce your stress during this challenging time.

Call us today for an estimate!

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