Home improvement and remodeling add to your happiness and appreciation of your home. However, these are not the only benefits. A complete remodel of your home will increase its value.

  It will also improve energy efficiency, help you organize your kitchen and bathroom, and keep you safe. Many people do not realize that having some old fixtures may be faulty and not work correctly. photo 1484154218962 a197022b5858 photo 1604709177225 055f99402ea3 Two of the top places to remodel are bathrooms and kitchens. Choose a home renovation company that suits your needs as you consider remodeling these rooms. Also, compare quotes to make sure you get a fair price.   Here are some ideas if you want to do kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel in Millersville, MD

Many homeowners obsess about the latest trends before a home project. You do not have to worry about that or what works.   Three Rivers Builders LLC is here to serve you. They are the most trusted professional home builders in Millersville, MD. They will also give you all the support you need.   You can choose the style and plan for your dream bathroom and kitchen. Three Rivers Builders LLC will execute it and do an amazing job! To start with, here are the top trends for 2022.  

Bathroom Remodeling in Millersville, MD

More and more people are making mindfulness and serenity a priority when remodeling bathrooms. With more people now working from home, the perfect bathroom will be mindful of space.   It needs to incorporate natural and organic elements to be a functional place of serenity.   Consider materials like marble, tile, and stone that do not easily sustain water damage. White marble is beautiful. However, the 2022 trends allow you to try out bold stone features.   You can create a feeling of luxury and splendor by building tactile and visual textures. To achieve this, use materials that contrast with each other.  

Add Versatility to Your Basement Bathroom

Versatility is vital when you are remodeling your bathroom. You want the furnishings to accommodate different functions. Create a spa aesthetic while still keeping things functional enough to perform everyday tasks without creating clutter.   It should be able to cater to your family and if you have guests around.   Let the area have a universal design that guests can personalize. Detachable shower heads and storage spaces will also allow your family to use them.   The finished project will also add value to your home. You can use detachable shower heads when cleaning your dog. The storage area can hold supplies for guests.  

Add Technology to Your Master Bathroom

You can install a built-in wireless speaker if you love to listen to music as you shower. It will add value to your shower area. The speaker is removable.   Therefore, you can take it with you wherever you go. You can also add new lighting features. It can be mood lighting and voice-controlled features. These can help adjust the lighting when putting on your makeup or shaving.   Heated flooring and toilet seats take your bathroom remodeling to a new level. LED lighting is also available for bathrooms and showers. It makes the area adaptable to different circumstances.   They add comfort and class, especially during cold seasons.  

Consider The Touchless Toilet

More and more people are showing their interest by purchasing and installing bidets. The bidet helps you clean up and freshen up after using the toilet.   It fits into your new toilet seat and sprays a stream of water when you are through with using it.   There are also stand-alone bidets that you can install next to your toilet to help you freshen up. It is quite the experience, and it merges technology and class into your new bathroom.  

Your Kitchen Cabinets in Living Color

The perfect cabinets will add life to your kitchen. Choose colorful doors that give a farmhouse style without needing a kitchen overhaul. You can upgrade your old beat-up cabinets by replacing the cabinet doors.  

Tiles, Tiles, and More Tiles

Tiles allow you the privilege of adding seamless surfaces to your kitchen remodeling. They add flair to countertop refinishing, windowsills, backsplash, and the walls.   Tiles will give that seamless flow and feeling of open space you need in your kitchen. They are easier to clean than other materials and do not stain easily.  

Countertops and Islands

The unification of the countertop and the backsplash is one of the top trends. It creates a cohesive and clean look even with the sinks. The room does not look busy, and it adds a touch of modern sophistication to whatever style you choose.   You can discuss the issue of how to create seamlessness with the general contractor before work begins.   Kitchen islands are also getting longer. More and more people are using the space to not only prepare food and cook. They are also using it as a work surface. You can place cabinets in the area below the island.

High-Tech Customizable Appliances

One of the things that homeowners are looking for in 2022 is high-tech appliances that seamlessly fit into their kitchens. They need to be flexible and easily customizable to fit in with the rest of the kitchen furnishings.   Some options you may consider as you upgrade your kitchen are appliances with wireless control.   You can control the temperature of your oven from your smartphone and adjust the cooking time. You can also use an app to check what is inside your fridge instead opening and closing it severally.   Consider vinyl flooring for your kitchen. It may not be high-tech, but it is waterproof and soft to the feel. It is also cheaper than porcelain or ceramic tiles and fits seamlessly into your kitchen.   Specialty organizing cabinets are also a consideration. They will help you hold your cookie trays and recycle bins.  

Home Improvement Services

Verified reviews place Three Rivers Builders LLC as the company of choice for your unique design ideas. We offer professional services that will leave your house looking new on schedule.   The contractors will listen and ensure they satisfactorily execute your wishes throughout the entire process. They will take care of your plumbing, flooring, and other services.   No matter your project location, we provide our services all over Maryland. Howard County, the Baltimore area, and Annapolis junction. We ensure you get the best services.   You can get a free estimate for your next project by visiting our office in Millersville, MD. You can also call (410) 618-4569 to book an appointment today.
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